Product #700

Pourable Crack Filler

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• Extends pavement lifecycle
• Reduces overall maintenance costs
• Offers easy application with no pavement
modification necessary
• Produces a watertight barrier
• Maintains bond and elasticity even in
severe weather conditions

Product Description
X-Crack is a cold pour, liquid crack filler designed to fill cracks up to 1/2-inch wide. This homogeneous mixture of stable, specially refined asphalt and clay produces a water tight barrier. X-Crack is also an excellent material for filling cracks in concrete, brick, bituminous and wood block pavements.

General Characteristics

X-Crack Pourable Crack Filler is formulated for filling cracks in concrete, brick, bituminous and wood block pavements. It maintains bond and elasticity in nearly all normal temperatures and weather conditions, producing a watertight barrier in one hour.

One gallon covers approximately 30 feet by 1/2-inch (775 cubic centimeters). Pliable plastic container with proper spout recommended.

1 gallon jug
One case of six
5 gallon pail
55 gallon drum

X-Crack contains a ductile asphalt combined with compatible components that require no modifications or heat to apply. A preservative is added. Keep this product from freezing.

Clean thoroughly and free loose dirt. Remove dirt and loose material with a stiff brush, air or water. Lightly dampen the crack. Do not leave standing water in cracks. Shake the container repeatedly to obtain a uniform mix. Hand squeeze to regulate flow into crack, forcing it onto shoulder and bottom areas. Fill crack to just below pavement surface. Do not overfill crack as tracking may occur. Do not apply when rainfall is expected or air temperature is expected to fall below 45°F (7°C). Drying time should be a minimum of 24 hours under ideal conditions (70°F 21°C) and 50% humidity. Read SDS and safety warnings before use.

Before You Start
Contact Extendit's sales staff to find out more about other useful pavement maintenance products at 1-800-245-0005.