Product #9075

Hot Pour Crack Filler

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• Extends the pavement lifecycle
• Reduces overall maintenance costs
• Offers easy application with no pavement
modification necessary
• Produces a watertight barrier in one hour
• Maintains bond and elasticity even in
severe weather conditions

Product Description
Hot Pour Crackfiller is a blend of oils, resins, polymers, plasticizers and asphalt cement that's designed to seal and fill cracks in asphalt and concrete pavement.

General Characteristics
Hot Pour Crackfiller is formulated for filling cracks in concrete, brick, bituminous and wood block pavements. Material is traffic stable when allowed to cool to ambient temperature.

One 50-pound block of Hot Pour Crackfiller should fill 900 linear feet of cracks at an average of 1/2 inch wide x 1/2 inch deep.

Size: 50# box

Clean crack of debris and excess moisture. If possible, blow foreign materials from crack with air compressor. Hot Pour Crackfiller must be heated to the recommended application temperature by using a tar kettle or direct fire melter. Then, using a pour pot or hose, apply Hot Pour Crackfiller to crack and fill to level of pavement. Allow material to cool to ambient temperature before opening to traffic. Read SDS and safety warnings before use.