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• Promotes adhesion between pavement surface
and the wearing course
• Offers greater viscosity
• Extends the pavement lifecycle
• Reduces overall maintenance costs
• Enhances pavement coloration
• Hides unwanted traffic and parking lines
• Increases oil, water and ultraviolet light

Product Description
Tarloc is a water-based, multipurpose primer used to improve adhesion prior to sealing asphalt or concrete pavements. It works well in hard to clean areas and polished aggregate conditions. Tarloc is also an effective oil spot sealer and can be used to black out traffic and parking lines.

General Characteristics
Tarloc is a viscous, gray-green liquid primer with a 10-minute drying time on regular or lightly oiled and greased pavement. On areas with heavy oil/grease contamination, drying time usually does not exceed 30 minutes. Tarloc is slightly more irritant to skin than regular pavement sealer, so protective clothing and skin creams should be used at all times.

Recommended application rate is approximately .025 to .050 gallon/square yard. For asphalt and concrete surfaces: mix one part Tarloc with one part water.

Size: 5 gallon pail

Apply to pavement using brush or roller over oil spots, highly polished pavement or where primer is needed. Wait to dry before sealing with X-10 Sealer.

Before you start
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Tarloc® is a trademark of Southern Emulsions, Inc.