Pavement Sealer LP

Petroleum Based Pavement Sealer
Coal Tar Sealer Alternative


• Similar resistance to oil and gas as coal tar sealer
• Tough like coal tar sealer - lasts longer than
asphalt based sealers
• Consistent color and thickness provides for ease of mix design time after time
• Ease of use - No Burn!
• More flexible application temperatures than asphalt based sealer
• Excellent wear resistance, outperforming asphalt based sealers

Product Description
Pavement Sealer LP is a high performance alternative to coal tar and asphalt based sealers. Pavement Sealer LP is environmentally and user friendly like asphalt based sealer with lower PAH's (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) but with the performance of coal tar sealer. Pavement Sealer LP is processed through a colloid mill for the same consistency and quality of our X-10™ Pavement Sealer.

General Characteristics
X-10 Pavement Sealer LP is a concentrated material designed to be diluted with water 20%-30%. Coverage rates vary from 75 to 100 square feet per gallon depending on porosity of the surface. Keep from freezing. Refer to SDS for other technical information and safety guidelines.

Available Sizes:
• Bulk
• 55 gallon drums

Prepare surface by cleaning and removing all loose materials. Remove or prime oil spots. Fill cracks with an appropriate crackfiller. Mix sealer thoroughly and apply with brush, squeegee or spray wand. Do not apply when rain or temperatures below 50°F are expected within 24 hours. Allow a minimum of 24 hours curing time before applying second coat or opening to traffic. Mix well before and during use. If possible, clean equipment and spills before Pavement Sealer LP dries with soap and water. Use solvent cleaner, available from Extendit if Pavement Sealer LP has dried. Contact Extendit for complete directions for use and precautions.

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