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Pavement Patching Compound

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• Extends the pavement lifecycle
• Reduces long-term maintenance costs
• Immediately compacts and can withstand
heavy use
• Doesn't adhere abnormally to wheelbarrows
or other tools and equipment

Product Description
X-Patch is a bituminous pre-mix of mineral aggregate uniformly coated with a suitably designed bituminous binder. No stripping is exhibited when immersed in water immediately after mixing. It can be stockpiled for at least six months without hardening.

X-Patch is workable and can be spread and raked under normal prevailing weather conditions. Immediately upon compaction, X-Patch becomes traffic stable.

General Characteristics

X-Patch Pavement Patching Compound can be open to traffic after compaction. Not recommended for large deep areas where pavement product push or shove. Use caution. Do not seal over x-patch until material has fully cured, usually 90-120 days. Material will not immediately harden like asphalt concrete but will be stable for most conditions. Read SDS and safety warnings before use.

50# bag
5 gallon pail
55 gallon drum

Aggregate is crushed stone blended with fines to conform to quality and soundness. The bituminous material is a blended asphalt used in various proportions. The range of bitumen may vary from 4.8% to 10.2% total product weight.

Before You Start
Contact Extendit's sales staff to find out more about other useful pavement maintenance products at 1-800-245-0005.

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